Christina Hardyment

Author and Journalist

I was born in 1946, and lived in England as a child, except for two years in South Africa (1951-1953). I went to the Lady Eleanor Holles School, Hampton (1954-1964), then to Newnham College, Cambridge (1964-7) where I read history.

After leaving university I discovered that my father was the Norwegian resistance fighter and writer Eiliv Odde Hauge; I have since met my Norwegian relations and make regular trips to Norway.

After a few years as a film editor, I married Tom Griffith in 1969, taught history for two years (Blackheath High School) and had four daughters, Tilly, Daisy, Susie and Ellie. They aided and abetted the writing of my second book Dream Babies, which was published in 1983.  Tom and I were divorced in 1991, but he is the best of fathers.

I now live on the western edge of Oxford in a rambling house overflowing with books with a jungly garden full of tall trees and adventurous challenges for my ten grandchildren. Sadly I have given up keeping hens since the foxes discovered that there was such a thing as a free lunch. But I do have two bee-hives, thanks to a bee-keeping friend who manages them while I puff smoke to soothe them. I haven’t been stung yet.

The nearby River Thames is a passport to adventure. I no longer compete in British Moth nationals and open meetings instead I potter about in British Moth 404 Pheno, which I restored with expert help last winter, which I sail from Medley Sailing Club on the Thames at Port Meadow. I also have a camping punt called Dulcibella.